Grace Walk Moments - Book

Grace Walk Moments - Book

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Grace Walk Moments

A Devotional

by Steve McVey

Do you long to experience the grace of God?

Steve McVey, author of the bestselling book Grace Walk (over 250,000 sold), invites you to start each day by letting God remind you of His love and care for you. Experience all of the grace God has to offer you—refreshment, joy, and forgiveness—in these quiet moments alone.

As you read, you will learn that God’s grace isn’t something you read about—it’s a way of life. It’s not about struggling to be perfect. It’s about letting Him love you and work through you and in you to accomplish more for Him than you ever could on your own. If you find yourself trying to earn God’s grace, these devotions will help you understand what Christ has already accomplished for you and what He longs to do in you today.

  • Release Date: January 2014
  • Page Count: 176
  • Size: 4 x 6
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0736952477