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Hosea | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Relentless Grace

The theme of the Bible is the love of God for man. It isn’t easy to feel God’s love for us when we have misbehaved or find ourselves trapped in sin, but even then the grace of God chases after us and calls us to receive His love.

That’s what the book of Hosea is about -- a story of a rebellious people who simply would not repent of their independent and stubborn ways and turn back to God. The wonder of this story is that God doesn’t give up on them. He doesn’t destroy them, but instead works in their lives through harsh love to cause them to see the foolishness of trying to find fulfillment apart from Him.

As you listen to these four teachings, you will find yourself being encouraged by the persistent and determined love of God for you. You will discover that it isn’t possible to sin away the grace of God. You will sense a growing desire within you to turn away from anything that would keep you from resting in His love and turning to the One who loves you passionately no matter how you may have behaved.

Session titles include:

Loving The Unlovable
God’s instruction to Hosea to marry a prostitute was a hard thing for people to accept even in his day. God used the love of Hosea for his wandering wife to show that even if we turn our backs on God, He never turns His back on us. He will continue to love us and work in our lives to draw our devotion back to Him. This session will awaken gratitude for the unconditional love of God toward you at all times.

Grace Bigger Than Our Sins
God knows everything about you. He knew every sin we would commit before we were even born, yet still pursues us. This teaching will assure you that there is no sin in your life bigger than the grace of God over you. As we come to understand His unconditional love, we find ourselves loving Him more. Be prepared to feel the love of God for you as you listen to this session and you can expect to find yourself loving Him more as a result.

Love Hurts
Hosea 11 teaches the nature of God’s love as much as any passage in the Old Testament. In this session you will learn about the passion God feels for you. It is a passion that causes His heart to ache with a longing for you to receive His love.

God Just Won’t Quit
Using the dew, the lily and a cedar tree, God speaks in Hosea 14 to show the relentless nature of grace and the determination of Agape to transform us. God won’t quit until He accomplishes the task of causing you to recognize and receive His love for you. This session will cause you to give up all hope of changing yourself and instead learn to accept His acceptance of you in a way that causes your life to be transformed.

Relentless Grace will touch your heart and cause you to be made new by a Love that never gives up on you!

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.