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Judges - MP3 Audio Download

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Judges | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Grace For Our Weaknesses and Sins

The book of Judges clearly displays how God uses unlikely people, people whose lives are marked by inconsistency and failure. In this four part study, Steve McVey shows how the lives of Gideon and Samson demonstrate that God will use those He chooses and human feebleness or foolishness isn’t big enough to stop Him! Do you feel like an unlikely candidate to be used by God?

Listen to these four teachings and be encouraged in knowing that your Father has sovereignly chosen to use people just like you.

Session 1: The People God Uses
God isn’t looking for people strong enough to use, but for those who are weak enough. This study in Judges 6 will encourage you to see that, just as God chose Gideon, He chooses you and will do more through you than you are able to imagine.

Session 2: Too Big For Our Breeches
Before Gideon went to war, God had to take away all confidence in his own ability. Learn in this study how God prepares us for great things by taking away what we already have.

Session 3: God’s Grace in Samson’s Life
Samson was a mighty warrior of God, but his life was marred by immorality and impulsive behavior. You will be encouraged in this study as you discover that our loving God’s grace is greater than any stupid choice we ever make.

Session 4: Samson’s Sins Verses God’s Grace
What about the person whose life ends in shame? Is God’s grace big enough to cover them too? Learn in this study how Samson’s shameful end reflects the beauty of a graceful God.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.