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Malachi | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Come Home To Grace

The book of Malachi is God’s final word in the Old Testament scriptures before 400 years of silence between the Old and New Testaments. In this last book of the OT, He calls His people to give up their dead religious efforts to please Him and come home to grace. As you listen to the four teachings in this series, you will learn how timeless our Father’s loving grace is and find yourself being drawn toward abandoning your own religious efforts to please Him and to simply rest in His love.

Session 1: Defiled Food
The problem in Malachi’s day was that the priests were offering defiled food on God’s altar. To offer God our feeble religious efforts today is to offer a lame and unacceptable sacrifice to Him. Learn in this teaching how to abandon our own approach to pleasing God and to embrace His way of finding acceptance through the Perfect Sacrifice.

Session 2: Living The Levi Legacy
The tribe of Levi was given a “covenant of life and peace,” a precursor to the covenant of grace in which we live today. You will discover in this teaching how to fully experience the benefits of this covenant which is your birthright.

Session 3: Divorced From Grace
God hates it when His children divorce themselves from His grace by trying to gain favor from Him and make spiritual progress by their own works. This teaching explains the bold passages of Scripture about divorce both from Malachi and from the Apostle Paul and shows precisely why God hates divorce. You’ll never look at divorce the same way after hearing this teaching.

Session 4: The Final Word: God’s Purifier
In the last two chapters of Malachi, the Bible presents one of the clearest descriptions of Jesus in the Old Testament. You will learn from this teaching how Christ will cleanse us from our filth and remove our impurities by His finished work. If you have ever felt spiritually dirty, this last word in the Old Testament will point you to the One who has made you clean.

Come Home To Grace will stir your heart to cling to Christ and to give up any ideas you have ever had that God expects anything more from you than absolute trust in Him.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Download

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.