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Proverbs | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Grace To Live Wisely

Living by grace is more than a theological proposition. It is a way of life that affects us in the day to day activities we experience. We all know how grace applies to our problems, our relationships, stressful circumstances, our goals and many other issues.

The book of Proverbs gives answers to these and many other questions of life. In this series of teachings, you will find grace based answers for four of the most important matters we each face in life.

Session topics include:

How To Move Forward When You Don't Understand
This teaching will help you know what to do when your circumstances make absolutely no sense. You will learn the biblical meaning of faith, which is quite different from what is taught in most churches and you will be better equipped to move forward in the face of unresolved questions in life.

How To Be A True Friend
This session presents three keys to building close friendships. Learning from our Ultimate Friend how to relate to others will prepare you to have true friends by being a true friend.

How To Find Stability In Threatening Circumstances
This study from Proverbs 18 will show you what to do when you find yourself in situations that bring problems you simply can't solve. The proverb says that "the name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe." Discover in this teaching how to find protection and peace by living in His name.

How To Never Fail
Does this title seem to promise more than it can deliver? You may be surprised and encouraged as you hear this teaching to learn that Christians need never fail because Jesus Christ is our life source. Understanding one simple truth from Proverbs 24 can make the difference between success and failure in your life.

These practical teachings from Proverbs will cause you to rise to a new level of success in four important areas of your life. God's grace equips us to live wisely in order to enjoy the abundant life He promised!

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.