Grace Filled Marriages - MP3 Audio Download

Grace Filled Marriages - MP3 Audio Download

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Grace Filled Marriages

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It is our Father’s plan that our marriages be a picture of heaven on earth. Sadly, that is often not the case, even among those who are Christians. This two part teaching by Steve and Melanie McVey will help you understand how our own fleshly techniques short circuit the joy of marriage and all our Father intends for us to experience and will show you what it means to allow Christ to express His life in your relationship.

Teaching sessions in this series include:

Flesh Walking Marriages
In this teaching, Steve and Melanie discuss six common ways that couples try to control each other. Their transparency about their own marriage and their teaching about how fleshly behavior stole their peace before they understood the grace walk will give you hope and help with your own marriage.

Grace Walking Marriages
Discover in this session how to allow Jesus Christ to express His life through you in your relationship to your mate. You will learn how to appropriate your identity in Christ in a way that will help your marriage to become all that it can be.

Whether you are struggling in your marriage or simply want to see your relationship strengthened, Grace Filled Marriages will encourage you. Listen to this teaching and discover how grace walking in your marriage can help you to experience the joy of heaven in your home.

Teaching Time: 1 Hour | MP3 Audio Format