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Grace in the Marketplace - MP3 Audio Download

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Grace In The Marketplace

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Allowing God's Grace To Impact Your Work

The grace of God is the divine enablement for us to become all that He has made us to be and to do all that He has prepared for us to do. In no arena of life is this more important than in our careers. God’s purpose for your life includes expressing His supernatural abilities through you in your workplace.

How does a Christian stay true to his faith in Christ at work and not lose his edge in the dog-eat-dog environment of the corporate world? The answer is “Grace!” There is a way to live as a Christian in the marketplace without sacrificing what it takes to advance.

In this series of teachings you will discover three grace based principles that can completely change the way you see your career. The truths you will learn here can empower you to move forward in your work setting with confidence and boldness, knowing that the One who has placed you in your workplace wants to guide and bless you there.

Session topics include:

A Divine Purpose In The Marketplace
Learn here how to recognize God’s plan for you in your work. You will discover how your core identity is the foundation upon which your career identity can be built. It is by knowing who we are that we realize what we are to do and gain the power to do it.

A Dedicated Passion In The Marketplace
Stephen Covey wrote, “Passion comes from the heart.” This teaching will ignite the fire of passion within you by showing you your true heart and helping you to understand how to live from the heart in your work environment.

A Determined Perseverance In The Marketplace
We will never be happy with where we are until we become comfortable with who we are, but once we have seen God’s purpose in our work and have become passionate about what we do, we are then equipped to stay the course until we reach our goals. In this session, you will learn how to persevere in faith even when you feel like quitting.

Grace In The Marketplace can be just what you, or somebody you know, needs to find the Key to fulfillment in your work. God has placed you in your career and He will equip you to fulfill all the plans that He has for you in that place!

Teaching Time: 90 Minutes | MP3 Audio format