Living in Heaven's Embrace - MP3 Audio Download

Living in Heaven's Embrace - MP3 Audio Download

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Living in Heaven's Embrace

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LIVE Conference Recording

This series of messages were recorded live at our Living In Heaven's Embrace Conference in Atlanta, GA. The topics for the three sessions are:

Session 1: The Group Hug
In this teaching you will learn about the eternal love relationship that has existed among the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for all eternity and how He determined to create mankind to include us in this circle of love.

Session 2: The Cold Shoulder
Did Adam's sin in the garden change God's attitude toward man? This teaching will show how our loving Father relentlessly pursued man after he sinned and how He would not give up on us until He brought us back to Himself.

Session 3: The Divine Lover
This teaching will show how that the meaning of the cross had nothing to do with the Father pouring out anger on His Son, but rather was the work of our Triune God dealing with the fatal effect sin was to have upon all humanity apart from divine intervention.

The heart of our God has always been toward you! In this series, you will hear some things from a perspective that will enlarge your understanding of just how great His love really is!

Teaching Time: Approximately 3 Hours | MP3 Audio Format