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Think About It - MP3 Audio Download

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Think About It

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How a change in the way you think can transform your life.

Learning how to think is one of the most important tools a person will ever learn in life. Wrong thinking patterns never lead to a right outcome. So many Christians are defeated because they don’t understand a few simple biblical truths about how to maintain their thought life.

In this two part series, Steve McVey will teach you grace filled, biblical truths that will enable you to experience a miraculous change in the way you think. The Bible says, “Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think” (NLT). Find yourself being transformed into a new person as you apply the grace based teaching found in this series.

Session One:
Five Common Types Of Thinking That Will Hold You Back In Life

In this teaching, you will learn the five types of thought patterns that short-circuit any chance of experiencing the abundant life to the fullest. You will recognize which of these types of thinking have been interfering with your own growth and come to understand the consequences of holding these carnal ways of thinking.

Session Two:
Two Simple, Faith Filled Actions That Will Transform Your Mind

In this final session, you will discover the biblical prescription for allowing God’s Spirit to change the way you think and bringing the transformation you long to know. Your faith filled response to these two keys will enable you to reject faulty thinking and embrace a supernatural approach to understanding life that will set you free to be all that you have been called to be and do all that you have been called to do.

Think About It may be the tool God uses to help you think differently and, consequently, live differently.

Teaching Time: 1 Hour | MP3 Audio Format