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Living & Loving It - MP4 Video Download

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Living & Loving It

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A study from Galatians

This teaching album is a verse by verse study of the book of Galatians, taught by Dr. Steve McVey. In this book of the Bible, the Apostle Paul battles the same problem which the modern church encounters - the threat of legalism.

For twenty centuries, one of the greatest threats to the church has been legalism. Christians living under law face a daily struggle in trying to live up to the rules. They believe that God’s blessings depend on how well they perform. The New Testament gospel of grace teaches that God blesses His children because we are in Jesus Christ and for no other reason at all! Grace is God’s way of motivating the believer to want to live a godly lifestyle!

This series of messages presents practical teaching from the book of Galatians. Paul’s letter to the church of Galatia reveals how we can discover freedom from exhausting rules and learn how to be motivated by a love for Christ. Listen to these messages and soon you too will be “living and loving it!”

Some of the topics presented in this series include:

  • This is the Life!
  • The Grace Burglars
  • The Party Poopers
  • The Day I Died
  • Losing Your Religion
  • Your Cheatin’ Heart

Teaching Time: 12- 30 minute sessions | MP4 Video Format