Promiseland - Workbook

Promiseland - Workbook

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A children's workbook.

by Lori Zenker & Steve McVey

Promiseland is a place where kids have fun! It's the place where Justin and Zoe learn that their heavenly Father loves them and wants them to enjoy - really enjoy - the life He has given them!

The adventures of Justin and Zoe told in this book are stories that every child will enjoy hearing again and again. The best part is what they'll learn about the grace of God. Through their fun with Mom, Dad and Granny Grace, they will learn:

  • How to trust God when hard things happen in life.
  • How we can be cleansed of sins and live a healthy and joyful Christian life.
  • To have a healthy and clear understanding of their Heavenly Father.
  • That living a life that honors God isn't hard when we simply trust Him.
  • How to reach their full potential by realizing who God has made them to be.

Promiseland will teach young readers to trust God because He is always on their side. They will develop a biblical self image, laying a foundation for a strong and godly future. In short, they will begin to learn through Promiseland who they really are in Christ and how to live each day resting in His love.

This book is a children's version of our Grace Walk Experience workbook study, following the same theme of the weekly topics given in the Grace Walk Experience.

Recommended ages: 5 - 10 years old | Includes Teacher Activities

  • Release Date: January 2008
  • Binding: Paperback