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1 Kings | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Gentle Grace

The book of 1 Kings describes a time of decline in the nation of Israel. The progress gained under the leadership of Joshua had begun to slip away through the leadership of rebellious rulers like King Ahab. Still God’s grace remained with His people.

In this series of teachings, you will learn that the gentle grace of our Father is consistent through every season of life. Our behavior isn’t the cause for His grace toward us; His goodness is.

These teachings focus on the lives of Solomon and Elijah. Each demonstrates to us the gentle way that God deals with those He loves. Listen to these teachings and bask in your Father’s gentle embrace.

Session topics include:

Our Father’s Heart
In 1 Kings 3, God told Solomon to ask for whatever he wanted and it would be granted. This study will encourage you to see that when we abide in Christ, we want the things He wants. Consequently, the desires of our heart are met as our Father does above and beyond all we ask or think.

Our King Jesus
When the Queen of Sheba went to visit King Solomon, she concluded that the reports she had heard of him didn’t tell the half of his greatness and glory. In this teaching, you will be reminded again of the greatness and grace of your King and be encouraged by His generosity.

Dry Times
In 1 Kings 17, God led Elijah to a brook that ran dry. Have you experienced dry times in your own journey? This teaching will show you how to experience your Father’s love in a unique way during the dry times of life.

Experiencing Grace In Defeat
Even the great Elijah experienced defeat in his life. This study from 1 Kings 19 will teach you how to receive your Father’s grace when you have been defeated by your own fears and foolish choices. God’s grace is bigger than our failures!

Gentle Grace will encourage you in your own grace walk. You will find your heart being drawn toward a loving Father who reaches out to us regardless of where we may be.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.