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2 Chronicles - MP3 Audio Download

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2 Chronicles | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Grace To Win Our Battles

We all have battles to face in life. How we face them makes all the difference in our progress in the grace walk. In this series of teachings from 2 Chronicles, Steve McVey shows how God’s grace is the answer to every battle. You will be encouraged as you study the lives of four men in Israel and see how to appropriate grace to your own challenging circumstances.

Session 1: Go For The Gold!
If awards were given for our Christian walk, would yours be made of gold or brass? In this study of 2 Chronicles 9, you’ll see how King Rehoboam had his shields of gold stolen and how he replaced them with shields of brass. This teaching will encourage you not to settle for a mediocre lifestyle, but to embrace the grace of God so that your walk will be solid gold.

Session 2: Check Your Heart
Asa was a man who trusted God for a long time. Then he made a serious mistake – he lapsed into self sufficiency. In this study from 2 Chronicles 16, you will learn how to check your own heart to be sure to avoid the danger of slipping back into a flesh walk. This session will show you how to avoid the pitfall of self reliance and continue to walk in total dependence on Christ until the end of life.

Session 3: Shout The Victory
The story of Jehoshaphat is one of the most exciting battle scenes in the Old Testament. Discover here how God’s grace will enable you to simply rest in peace when you face life’s battles, realizing that “the battle is the Lord’s.”

Session 4: Run With The Message
King Hezekiah sent runners across the kingdom calling the people back to the Passover. In this study from 2 Chronicles 30, you will more fully understand how your own King has called you to become “a runner” who is to proclaim the good news of His grace across His kingdom.

Grace To Win Our Battles is a practical series of teachings that will encourage and instruct you. Listen prayerfully and be equipped to win your own victories as you trust the empowering life of the indwelling Christ in every situation you face.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.