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2 Kings | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Grace For the Hard Times

The book of 2 Kings is a wonderful picture of how God’s grace never fails us, even in the worst of times. Like Christians today, the people of God in ancient times weren’t always consistent in their walk. At times, they acted independently and failed to trust Him to be their Guide and Source for life’s journey. Yet, all along the way, our Father never failed to love and care for them.

In this series of teachings, you will be learn how to move through your own hard times in life, even if the hard times are those of your own making. Session topics include:

When Circumstances Threaten Us
In 2 Kings 3, the Israelites found themselves dying of thirst because of their failure to depend upon God. Out of their crisis, our Father showed them that when we act independently, our only need is to turn back to Him in faith and He will immediately deliver us from ourselves. If you have made mistakes that cost you spiritually, this teaching will encourage you about your Father’s grace.

Problems With The Flesh
The story of Namaan the leper is one of the best pictures in the Old Testament of how God deals with the problem of the flesh. Incurable leprosy was his problem, but independent living is the fleshly problem which needs to be healed in the lives of many believers today. As you listen to this teaching, you will find the answer for your own chronic “flesh problem.”

The Answer For A Powerless Lifestyle
The story of the lost ax head in 2 Kings 6 is a popular passage which has often been presented in a legalistic way. Study this text with Steve McVey and learn how you can find what you have lost and reclaim the power you once knew in your Christian service.

Facing Passivity
Passivity isn’t an option for the grace walking Christian. In this study you will learn the value of moving forward in faith in the midst of impossible circumstances. The courage of the starving men in 2 Kings 7 serve as an example of moving forward, not waiting and wishing that our circumstances will change. If you seem to have come to a standstill in your grace walk, this session will cause you get up and go again.

God’s grace sustains us during the hard times of life. In these four sessions, you will find the encouragement you need to depend on Him in any situation, knowing that His grace really is sufficient!

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.