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Amos - MP3 Audio Download

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Amos | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Where Grace Meets Justice

Contrary to what many have understood, God’s grace and justice are not in opposition to each other. The dark background of human sin highlights the brilliant glory of the grace of God operating in our lives. This two hour audio teaching from Amos will motivate and stimulate you to embrace God’s grace in every circumstance of life in this world.

Session titles include:

Grace Meets Justice In Our Savior
The prophecies of Amos are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. This session examines our Ultimate Restorer who takes the bleak situations of our lives and redeems them for His glory and our good.

Grace Meets Justice In Our Society
“Let justice flow down like a mighty river” is more than material for political speeches. It is a description of what society can look like when we allow God’s grace to flow through us in our relationship to society. This session examines that classic text from Amos.

Grace Meets Justice In Our Suffering
Rebellion against God does lead to suffering but, even when we suffer because of wrong choices we have made, our gracious God is always at work to lift us up and lavish His love upon us.

Grace Meets Justice In Our Sins
The sins of man will not have the final word over the grace of God. In this study from Amos 9, you will be thrilled to see that grace will always abound over sin. Regardless of the wrong we may do, in the end the grace of God wins!

Where Grace Meets Justice will encourage you and equip you to live confidently, knowing that a sovereign God has already done everything necessary to ensure that you experience the victory He has planned for you.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours - MP3 Audio Format | 34MB

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.