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Dancing with Deity - MP3 Audio Download

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Dancing with Deity

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“This is the most comprehensive teaching on God’s plan for our lives that I have done in ten years. Over the past few years, my life has been transformed by the truths in this series in the same way I was transformed 20 years ago when I first began to understand the meaning of the grace walk.”
-Steve McVey

The grace of our God is greater than most of us have ever imagined. Salvation is not simply a matter of having our sins forgiven and going to heaven. Biblical salvation provides the opportunity for us to literally live our lives from out of the circle of love shared among the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. By the finished work of Jesus on the cross, we have been situated in the loving embrace of our Triune God and find our very existence in Him.

In this series of teachings, Steve McVey covers the panoramic plan of God for all humanity. The teachings in this series begin by focusing on the loving relationship of the members of the Trinity before time and move forward all the way to our resurrection with Jesus Christ.

In the study of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, you will learn that our God isn’t angry about man’s sin but rushed toward us to remedy the problem. In the teaching on the incarnation of Christ, you will be thrilled to learn how that Jesus has embraced our humanity and has joined Himself to us in our weakness. The sessions in this series dealing with the cross may provide an understanding of the crucifixion you have never even considered until now.

These seventeen sessions don’t rehash Sunday School lessons you’ve already learned, but challenge the listener to rethink some of the assumptions we’ve held for many years and in rethinking those issues, you may find that you come to a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace than you’ve ever known.

Session Titles:

Introduction Through The Eyes of God
The Eternal Dance Better Things
The Stage of Life I Saw The Light
The Stench of Death Buried With Christ - Part 1
The Mediation of Christ Buried With Christ - Part 2
The Ministry of Christ - Sin Raised Together w/ Christ Part 1
The Ministry of Christ - Salvation Part 1 Raised Together w/Christ Part 2
The Ministry of Christ - Salvation Part 2 Keep Dancing
The Great Exchange

Teaching Time: 8 Hours | MP3 Audio Format