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Daniel | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Uncompromising Grace

Do you sometimes find it hard to live boldly as a Christian? All of us are tempted at times to blend in to our surroundings and not rock the boat. Yet, in our hearts, we want to be courageous in expressing our faith. The prophet Daniel was a man with the same type of temptations we face. He knew how hard it was to go against the system and live boldly as God’s child, but he stood strong.

In this series of teachings from the book of Daniel, you will learn from this great man how to live in a way that the world around you doesn’t dilute your spiritual passion. You will discover how to trust God in the midst of seemingly impossible situations. You will learn how to survive the lions of your life that threaten to destroy you and rely on the faithfulness of God’s grace in your life. You will be encouraged to find that the life of this ancient man of God is relevant to your circumstances today.

Session titles are:

Session One: The Danger of Compromise
When young Daniel and his friends found themselves living in a culture foreign to their faith, anybody would have understood if they had been affected by it. How we live is often greatly influenced by where we live, but these three teach us how to recognize the pull of the world and how to stand strong in the grace of God despite the temptation to compromise.

Session Two: Grace and the Wolfman
Is there someone you love who still hasn’t trusted Christ? Are you burdened for them and wonder if they will ever believe? Daniel tells the story of Nebuchadnezzar, the king who became a wolf-man and finally a believer. As you hear this teaching, you will become persuaded that it is never too late and that nobody has gone too far to finally be reached by the grace of God.

Session Three: Living With The Lions
Daniel was thrown into a lions den because he wouldn’t compromise his faith. This study from Daniel 6 will empower you to stand strong when you feel you might be thrown to the lions if you don’t give in to the pressure of the world. Whether it is in the corporate boardroom or the school classroom, you will learn the principles in this study to empower you to stand strong.

Session Four: The Messiah of Grace
Daniel 9:24 may be one of the most powerful verses that shows the grace of Jesus Christ in all of the Old Testament. In this study, you will be amazed to see how specific the gospel of God’s grace was predicted a millennia ago and be thrilled to know that the promise of this verse has been made real in your life through Jesus Christ. You have what Daniel longed to possess.

Uncompromising Grace will empower you to live the life you want to experience as a grace walking Christian. Listen to these sessions and don’t be surprised if you find yourself being transformed!

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.