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Extravagant Love - MP4 Video Download

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Extravagant Love

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This teaching series from Luke 15 may be a different perspective on the parable of the prodigal son that you've ever heard until now. Steve McVey takes the characters of this story to teach us about our Father's unconditional acceptance of us all, whether we have behaved as prodigal sons or pious sons.

Many believers still struggle with guilt about past sins they have committed. You will find freedom from that guilt as you hear the teaching here about the prodigal. Others have felt proud of their consistent religious morality but wonder why they don't feel the sense of intimacy with their Father they long to know. In the teaching of the older brother, they'll discover the answer here.

Session topics are:

The Story
In this first teaching, you will discover how this most popular of all the parables Jesus told speaks about each of our lives, regardless of whether our lifestyles have been unrighteous or self-righteous. You'll see yourself here and begin to understand how your Father's love and acceptance has nothing to do with how you've lived.

Grace To The Unrighteous
Many sons have felt ashamed of the rebellious phase of their lives. Some wonder how they can ever be free from feelings of guilt over sins they committed after they became believers in Christ. This teaching presents the answer to that problem by showing the Father's grace toward wandering sons.

Grace To the Self-Righteous
Some people grew up in church and never went to the far country. These are particularly vulnerable toward thinking that their consistent religious lifestyle in some way sets them apart from those brothers who have grossly sinned. This teaching explains how we all need God's grace and how that pride in our own religious consistency can actually impede a sense of intimacy with our Father.

Outrageous Grace
This final session draws several contrasts between the grace of God and the legalistic grading system religion calls on us to use to evaluate ourselves and others. You'll see here how you may have been focused more on earning the grade than on receiving God's grace. The final teaching in the series will equip you to live free from religious struggles and to rest in the arms of a Father who adores you just like you are.

Extravagant Love may not be like anything you've heard taught from this biblical text. If you want, not only to know you're loved by your Father, but want to feel like you are truly loved by him, this series of teachings can bring healing to your hungry heart.

Teaching Time: 4 - 30 Minute sessions | MP4 Video Format