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Ezra | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Finding Grace To Help In Our Times Of Need

The name of Ezra himself is a wonderful reminder of the grace of our loving Father. The name is a shortened version of the name “Azariah,” which means “Yahweh has helped.” As you study these four teachings from the book of Ezra, you will be encouraged by the One who promises to give “grace to help in time of need.” Whatever challenges you may face in your life, these teachings from Ezra will lift you up and lay you in the arms of Grace, where you will find the help you need.

Session 1: Grace To Help When We Find Ourselves Trapped
This look at the first chapter of Ezra is a poignant reminder that our Father can be trusted to keep His promises. After seventy years in captivity, Israel was released to go home. Regardless of the circumstances that may cause you to feel overwhelmed and trapped, this teaching will cause you to believe that your Father will deliver you in His time to be renewed and strengthened.

Session 2: Grace To Help Restore Our Broken Lives
Do you feel like you have been slammed by circumstances that have knocked you off balance in your faith? This study from Ezra 3 will instill hope in you again. Regardless of whether your life has been broken through no fault of your own or because of foolish choices you have made, you will find encouragement here to know that God delights in restoring broken lives. Our only responsibility is to admit we need His help.

Session 3: Grace To Help Us Fulfill God Given Dreams
This examination of Ezra 7 will remind you of the ways that God will work in your life to move you toward the fulfillment of the wonderful plan He has for your life. If you feel like you’ve stalled in your forward momentum toward reaching your destiny, the example of Ezra’s faith oriented actions will instruct and encourage you about your own life-goals.

Session 4: Grace To Help Us When We Sin
In Ezra 9, the people of Israel are starting to fall back into the sin of intermarrying with pagans, one of the same sins that had caused them to be carried into bondage in Babylon. This study shows how that when Christians become involved in an unholy relationship with legalism, it causes us to become enslaved. The response of Ezra to Israel’s sin reflects the response of Jesus toward Christians who become involved in legalism. This teaching will cause you to want to abandon every trace of legalism in your life and walk hand in hand with your gracious Savior.

Do you recognize your need for divine help in your life in the form of grace? If so, this series of teachings will inspire and instruct you, pointing the way to a greater freedom in your life.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.