Grace in the Old Testament - Entire Study - MP3 Audio Download

Grace in the Old Testament - Entire Study - MP3 Audio Download

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Grace in the Old Testament

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Grace Walk Bible Study Series

This MP3 Set includes ALL 39 books of the Old Testament. 78 hours of teaching!

For 39 months, Steve McVey taught through each book of the Old Testament, beginning with Genesis and ending in Malachi. He taught four thirty-minute sessions from every book of the OT and explained how the grace and love of our Father can be seen throughout not only the New Testament, but through the whole Bible.

In this extensive, 156 part series of teachings, you will gain an overview of grace in the Old Testament.

Beginning with the books of the Law (Genesis – Deuteronomy) you will discover that from the outset our God created humanity to experience and express His grace and that the Fall in the Garden of Eden didn’t cause His plan to jump track.

As you move through your study of the books of history (Joshua – Esther), you may learn things you have never seen before and be thrilled as you see God’s grace expressed in the lives of Joshua, Ruth, Nehemiah and many others.

In the poetic books (Job – Song of Solomon), you will find your heart warmed many times as you study our Father’s gentle dealings with those He loved in both the best and worst times of their lives.

The prophetic books (Isaiah – Malachi) are often books of the Bible that Christians avoid because of so many harsh judgments pronounced in these books. As Steve teaches through the major and minor prophets, you will come to see love and redemption in these books that may have escaped you before studying them through the lens of grace.

God’s Grace In the Old Testament was a project that took over three years to produce. Now, it is finally available under one cover at a reduced price. Some who have gone through this study said they ended with a better understanding of grace in the Old Testament than they have ever had in their lives. Others have said the study was equivalent to a seminary course on a survey of the Old Testament. If you’re hungry to understand how grace fills the OT, this study is for you!

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