Important Things I Didn't Learn in Sunday School - MP4 Video Download

Important Things I Didn't Learn in Sunday School - MP4 Video Download

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Important Things I Didn't Learn in Sunday School

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When Jesus came on the scene in the religious world of His day, His teachings were revolutionary ideas that often stood in contradiction to what many had been taught throughout their lifetime. The same is true today when religious people are confronted with the truths of the new covenant of grace. In this teaching series, Steve McVey sets forth biblical truths that often contradict what many of us have learned. He uses the Bible to systematically help the listener replace faulty religious views with biblical truths.

Topics in this series include:

Session 1: Introduction
In this first teaching, you will see the pattern Jesus used in teaching people how His reality often must replace old viewpoints we have held which are not true. He said, “You have heard it said . . . but I say unto you.” You’ll learn here the importance of opening your mind to truths that, although plainly biblical, may contradict what you’ve always believed.

Session 2: God Isn’t An Impartial Judge
In this teaching, you will discover how that your Father isn’t fair toward you. To the contrary, He is very much because of His great love for you! This teaching will help you to pray with more confidence in His love and His desire to bless you.

Session 3: God’s Justice Is Grace At Work
This session will show you how the justice of God is nothing to fear, but rather something that we want when we properly understand it. This teaching will change your mind about the meaning of divine justice by allowing you to see it in a way you may have never seen it before.

Session 4: God’s Wrath Is Not God’s Anger
In this teaching, you will learn that the wrath of God is not the outrage of an impatient Deity, but rather the fierce love of a God who refuses to stop loving. You’ll see the evidence here to prove that divine wrath is nothing less than tough love that will not let go.

Session 5: Hell Is Not Separation From God
This teaching was the most watched study Steve has ever place on the Internet. You will understand why when you hear this biblical teaching about how to understand hell by looking at it through the lens of grace. After hearing this teaching, many have said they will never think of hell the same way again.

Important Things I Didn’t Learn in Sunday School isn’t for the faint of heart. These teachings have been called “the meat of the Word” by many who have emailed our office after hearing them. If you want to grow in grace, you will find this series to be challenging and helpful in your own grace walk.

Bonus track: We have added a bonus track to this series as a gift to those who purchase it. The track comes from Dr. McVey’s teaching series, Dancing with Deity and is entitled, “Through The Eyes of God.” This study will change the way you see people - especially those who haven’t believed in Jesus Christ.

Teaching Time: 3 Hours - MP4 Video Format