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Job | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Clinging to Grace When Life Makes No Sense

Mention the name of Job and people automatically think of his problems. Job was a righteous man who experienced unimaginable trouble in life. His story is a wonderful example which provides timeless lessons for how to move through our own trials in life. In this series, you will discover grace based ways to move through the calamities of your life and grow in faith at the same time.

Session topics include:

Session 1: What To Do When The Bottom Drops Out
In this teaching you will learn five grace filled ways to respond when your worst fears come true. These keys will enable you to cling to God’s grace and find hope in the midst of your pain.

Session 2: Dealing With Legalistic Lunacy When We Hurt
Everybody has experienced having others try to give us answers who don’t have any idea what we are facing when we hurt. This session will help you know what to do when well meaning friends come with pat answers that don’t help at all.

Session 3: Hearing God’s Voice In Our Pain
This study will teach you how to hear the voice of God when you feel that He has abandoned you to your trial. What God said to Job is the same thing He says to us and it is the foundation upon which we must stand when life makes no sense.

Session 4: The Final Word On Suffering
This final session will give you hope and confidence to believe that, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, your story will have a happy ending. As you listen to this teaching, you will be encouraged by your Father’s love and will find yourself embracing a renewed hope that everything will turn out fine because a Sovereign God is in charge of your life.

Are you hurting? Do you know somebody whose circumstances bring them deep pain? These teachings will be an encouragement by reminding you that God’s grace really is sufficient and by teaching you how to appropriate that grace.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.