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Joel | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Life Beyond The Locusts

There are experiences in life which are completely devastating. The death of a mate or a child, divorce, terminal disease, financial bankruptcy, betrayal by one we love – these are the type of circumstances that threaten to redefine life as we have known it. What do we do when life becomes unbearable? How do we move forward and still hold onto our faith when our feelings are screaming nothing but negative messages?

The prophet Joel lived in a time when disaster had struck Israel. A plague of locusts came upon them that was so severe it erased life as they had known it. Their hope was gone and their motivation had withered. To these people God had a word that is as appropriate today for your crisis as it was for them.

In this teaching series, Steve McVey presents four truths from the book of Joel that can equip you to move through the calamity of life toward the coming victory on the other side.

The four sessions include:

Session 1: Settling The Issue Of Control
Does it seem like life is out of control? Though life may appear that way at times, it isn’t. In this session, you will discover that when life is out of your control, God is still in control. Learning to relinquish control to Him is the first step toward peace.

Session 2: Learning To Go On When You Feel Like Giving Up
It is by clinging to the reality of the absolute goodness of God that we find the strength to keep going when everything in us wants to quit. This teaching will strengthen your resolve to cling to your Heavenly Father when life seems to be unraveling all around you.

Session 3: Trusting God When It Seems He Has Forgotten You
Sometimes it seems like we are moving through our trials alone. This teaching examines the promises of God to His people that He hasn’t forgotten. You will find strength as you discover here how to spiritually nurture yourself when you have lost the ability to even hope anymore.

Session 4: Watch and Wait
In the final chapter of Joel, God describes the end of the story for all of His children. Sooner or later, your story will have a happy ending. Learn from this teaching how to wait expectantly for the divine intervention you so desperately need in your circumstances.

Everybody either suffers devastation in their lives at sometime or knows somebody else who has. The truths taught in this series from the book of Joel will help equip you to experience life beyond the locusts that have forever altered your circumstances. Our God is Lord of the Locusts as much as He is Lord of our happy times. These four principles will equip you to trust Him until the plague passes.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours - MP3 Audio Format | 34MB

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.