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Lamentations - MP3 Audio Download

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Lamentations | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

Grace Speaks In Our Pain

The book of Lamentations has been called a hymn of heartbreak. This book of the Bible is a study in sorrow which points us toward a God who speaks to us through grace even in our darkest moments in life. All of us face unspeakable pain at some point in our lifetime. This study will encourage and equip you to face the most difficult times in life with a confidence in the God who affirms His love for you even when your circumstances tempt you to think that He is nowhere to be found in your situation.

If you are hurting or know someone who is, these four teachings can minister life into a bleak situation. Grace has something to say, even when it seems that God has forgotten us.

Session topics include:

Session 1: I Know How You Feel
Jesus knows what it is to cry out in desperation when we feel abandoned by God. This session will comfort those who hurt by causing you to feel the loving embrace of Jesus in the midst of your pain.

Session 2: I Am In Control
When tragedy strikes, it often seems like life is out of control. This session will strengthen you by reminding you that when your life seems out of control, it is really only out of your control. Your loving Father still has everything under control.

Session 3: I Love You When You Hurt
This session will nurture the hurting Christian by reminding you of your Father’s love in the midst of your trials. We have all faced situations that cause us to wonder if God really cares. This teaching will strengthen you by reminding you that He not only cares, but He feels our pain with us.

Session 4: I Am Faithful
“Great is thy faithfulness” is the declaration of Jeremiah as he considered God’s plan to ultimately deliver His people from their misery. Your faith will grow as this teaching reminds you of your Father’s faithfulness to bring you through your trials and to bless you.

Grace Speaks In Our Pain is a teaching resource that will bless and encourage those who need to find hope in the midst of their troubles. God’s grace never fails. After hearing these teachings, the listener will be encouraged by the realization of that truth.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.