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Micah | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Clinging To Grace While the World is Unraveling

Material wealth - Rampant immorality - An unstable economy - Corrupt politicians - Enemies bent on attacking - The constant threat of war - Spiritual coldness

What do these describe? They describe the state of Israel around seven centuries before Christ was born. It was to that kind of setting that God called the prophet Micah to speak on His behalf.

As you would imagine, what the Holy Spirit caused Micah to say then is as applicable to the challenges of our modern culture as it was to theirs. In this series of teachings, you will find God’s answer for any time the world seems to be unraveling is the same. It may be your own private world or it may the planet itself. Either way, grace is the answer and you’ll find out here how to cling to grace and to Him to see you through the dark days of life.

Sessions include:

Session 1: See God In Your Circumstances
Discover in this session how that, despite feelings to the contrary, your Father is actually pouring out love on your during your trials. His goal is to bring you to the place where you will simply rest in His love.

Session 2: Hope In Your King
The fifth chapter of Micah is one of the most beautiful descriptions of Jesus in the Old Testament. In this study, you will see how that there is a reason for great hope during difficult days because we aren’t alone. Our King is with us, right in the mix of what seems to be madness.

Session 3: Act Like Who You Are
This study is a reminder of the faithfulness of God in all our past circumstances and an encouragement to simply trust Him now and go about the business of living like the saints we are. Your actions don’t have to be a slave to your feelings. Learn here how to rise above your emotions and behave like the victorious child of God you are.

Session 4: Embrace Weakness
God’s power shows up best in people who don’t fight brokenness. In this session, you will learn how to accept your weaknesses with gladness, knowing that it is in our weakness that we experience His supernatural grace most powerfully. Oftentimes, our Father is more interested in changing us that in changing our circumstances. Learn here how to see that happen in your own life.

Clinging To Grace While The World is Unraveling will equip you to face whatever life may bring your way. Listen carefully, then share it with friends who are going through their own struggles.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format


Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.