Overcoming Barriers to Intimacy With God - MP4 Video Download

Overcoming Barriers to Intimacy With God - MP4 Video Download

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Overcoming Barriers to Intimacy with God

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A common frustration many people express is that while they know in their heads that God loves them, they don’t feel a spiritual closeness to Him on a day-to-day basis. We all hunger to experience a sense of our Father’s love with us but it’s often not what we feel.

In this series of teachings, Steve McVey addresses the five biggest barriers to experiencing intimacy with God and gives biblical guidance for overcoming those barriers. By knowing and applying a few simple spiritual truths, you’ll see these obstacles to an awareness of His love be removed.

Session titles include:

Session 1: A Guilty Conscience
If you are one who can’t seem to shake a sense of guilt about past things you’ve done wrong, this teaching will cause you break out of that trap and begin to understand your Father’s acceptance and love in a new way.

Session 2: Bad Decisions
Have you thought that you made a wrong decision that disappointed God and now affect His blessings in your life? If so, this teaching will free you from regrets and open your eyes to look into the future with the confident faith that your God’s grace is bigger than your mistakes.

Session 3: Painful Circumstances
When we’re going through really hard times it sometimes feels like God has checked out and left us to deal with our struggles alone. This teaching is a clear and powerful reminder that we can know and experience His love during the darkest moments of life if we understand one simple truth that sheds light in our darkness.

Session 4: Religious Inferiority Complex
Comparing ourselves with other people is a trap. By looking at their strengths and our own weakness, we may be inclined to feel like we don’t measure up. Whenever we look at our own inconsistencies we all will find ourselves feeling like we are less than we should be. This teaching will teach you both to know how to get out from under the cause for these feelings so that you can enjoy your Father’s love.

Session 5: Religious Hyperactivity
It’s a disappointing reality that people often think that by stepping up their religious activity they will feel closer to God. Ironically, just the opposite often occurs. This study will help you to understand how you may be trying to work your way into a sense of God’s approval and help you know how to abandon the religious treadmill and experience His love based on what He does instead of what you do. If you’re worn out by religion, this session will set you free!

Overcoming Barriers to Intimacy with God is a series that can benefit everybody who wants to experience a greater awareness of His love. Learning how to overcome these barriers can change your perception of God and greatly improve your daily life.

Teaching Time: 5 - 30 Minute Sessions | MP4 Video Format