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Ruth | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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Experiencing Intimacy with God through Grace

The book of Ruth is the story of our own biography. Miraculously taken out of a heathen family (ours was the family of Adam) and placed into a relationship with a wealthy benefactor named Boaz who loved her dearly (our Boaz is Jesus), Ruth is the perfect picture of the extreme generosity of God toward those He loves.

In this series you will learn eternal truths concerning how to experience the kind of intimacy with God you’ve always wanted. You will feel His arms around you as you witness the relationship between Ruth and Boaz and recognize your own story in it. Sessions include:

The Roadway To Intimacy
In chapter one of Ruth, you will learn how our Father loves us enough to orchestrate every detail of our lives to bring us to the place where we give up on controlling our own destiny and allow Him to take complete control. When He takes control, we can be assured that great blessings lie straight ahead.

Accepting Your Acceptance
Ruth asks Boaz in chapter two, “Why have you shown grace to me?” This session discusses the many ways that our Father demonstrates His loving acceptance toward us. By seeing the extent of his acceptance of you, you will find yourself equipped to finally stop trying to earn his acceptance and, like Ruth, just receive it by grace.

Knowing Him
This third session is a study of Ruth 3, where the story reaches a crescendo with Boaz reaching out to Ruth with the intent of making her his wife. Your heart will be stirred here to discover the passion that your Boaz has toward you and learn the way He has redeemed you and intends to pour out his love on you.

Living With Mr. Grace
The book of Ruth reaches its climactic ending in this study of chapter four, where their tale of love ends with a great feast. The story that began with a famine ends with a feast, a fitting picture of our journey from sin to salvation. In this session, you will be encouraged to see that the story of your own relationship to Christ isn’t a fairy tale, but is a love story that lasts for eternity.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.