Satan's Three Secret Weapons - MP3 Audio Download

Satan's Three Secret Weapons - MP3 Audio Download

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Satan's Three Secret Weapons

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Disarming the Enemy's Power Over Your Life

Our Enemy is strong, make no mistake about it. He is deceptive and sinister in his approach to defeat believers. Many languish in a prison-camp of inconsistency. They wish they could be consistent in their Christian walk, but their lives are marked by a series of spiritual highs and lows. They wonder if things will ever change or if consistent victory will only be possible after they get to heaven.

This series of teachings uncovers the Enemy’s strategy. As you learn the biblical truths in these three sessions, you will discover the three secret weapons Satan uses against the Christian. His attack plan against your life will become clear to you and you will learn how to defeat the enemy when he attacks. Consistency in your Christian life is possible!

Session topics include:

The Temptation Attack
This teaching explains the entry points through which the Enemy tempts us. Unguarded gates in the city invite an attack from the Opposition. Learn where the three gateways to defeat are located in your own life and how to bar the door on hell!

The Accusation Attack
The word devil means “accuser.” In this study, you will recognize the common way that Satan uses feelings of condemnation and insecurity to immobilize you in your Christian walk and cause you to live inconsistently. You will find encouragement to deflect his accusations by utilizing the Truth as your greatest weapon.

The Deception Attack
This session will show you the top five deceptions that have enslaved the modern church. You will learn how to renounce the lies that deceive you and rise up against the Enemy’s deceptive attacks in your own life and experience the constant victory that is yours.

In these three studies, your Enemy’s battle plan is exposed. Here you will discover how to disarm his power in your life and walk in the consistent victory Jesus has promised belongs to you!

Teaching Time: 1.5 Hours | MP3 Audio Format