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The Gift - MP4 Video Download

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The Gift

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The greatest gift mankind has ever received has been provided to us in the coming of Jesus Christ into this world. Millennia before Jesus was born, the prophet Isaiah described the kind of Messiah Jesus Christ would be. In this four part series taken from Isaiah 9:6, you’ll see how that God sent Jesus to be exactly what the human race needed.

Session Titles:

Wonderful Counselor
This first teaching will encourage you by teaching you how to experience wonderful counsel from the One who perfectly understands all our problems and needs. You’ll learn here how to consciously live in the faith that Jesus Christ is guiding you through the problems and challenges of daily living.

Mighty God
In this teaching your faith in God’s ability and commitment to care for you will be strengthened. Our lives are not left to chance but are in the control of One who has committed Himself to us for all eternity.

Everlasting Father
The greatest need we all have is to feel loved. In this teaching you will experience a deep sense of your Father’s love for you and may find healing for the hurts that trouble your life right now.

Prince of Peace
In the turbulent times we all face in this world, it’s good to know how to tap into the Source of Peace that will calm our fears and settle our troubled minds. This session will enable you to connect to the peace you need for anything you face in life.

The Gift is a series of teachings that will encourage you, teach you and motivate you to cast yourself and all your cares on Him.

Teaching Time: 4 - 30 Minute Sessions | MP4 Video Format