The Root and Fruit of Religion - MP4 Video Download

The Root and Fruit of Religion - MP4 Video Download

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The Root and Fruit of Religion

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Discovering How Our Religious Mindsets Hurt Us All

One of the biggest deceptions ever put over on mankind is the idea that religion is the answer to our spiritual need. Religion is a counterfeit of authentic faith in Jesus Christ. It is the way people try to make themselves acceptable by doing moral works that they imagine God expects of them.

In this series of teachings, Steve McVey tears the mask off religion and shows how that Jesus Christ didn’t come to help us be more religious. He came to deliver us from both sin and religion so that we might know and enjoy intimacy with God. If you’ve tried to do your best to please God, if you’ve been an example of what a churchman ought to look like, if you’ve dedicated and rededicated yourself to God but seem to still miss the mark – this series of teaching offers the help you’ve been seeking.

Session topics include:

The Seed of Satan
In this teaching you will discover the origin of religion and see the biblical evidence that Jesus didn’t come to start a new religion. The world had religion before He arrived in Bethlehem. Religion started in the garden of Eden with the fall of man and ever since then unsuspecting people have become victims of its enticing power. You’ll learn how it all started here.

Religion's Greatest Lie
The reason religion is so dangerous is because the lies it tells sound so convincing to the moral mind. In this teaching you will recognize the greatest lie told by religion and may realize how you have fallen victim to its lure. You’ll learn how to get free from the condemning voice of religion and how to walk in the peace and joy of God’s grace.

A Bitter Fruit Called Judgmentalism Part 1
This teaching examines the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and shows how that living from that tree causes us to set ourselves up as God in the practice of judging other people. You will see here how it is religion judgment that separates us from those who need most to know and experience God’s love.

A Bitter Fruit Called Judgmentalism Part 2
Judgmentalism is the most prominent mark of a religious mindset. Those who are religious spend their lives judging themselves and others and never understand the peace that comes through acceptance motivated by love. This study will give you the key to breaking free from the habit of making life a test for yourself and others and will equip you to enter into the rest that can only come by living with Christ as your life-source.

The Root and Fruit of Religion is a provocative series of teachings that may anger some but will set those free who are hungry to escape the world where they judge themselves and everybody else by the rules and regulations they have been taught are important. This series has the potential to radically alter the way you see God, others and yourself.

Teaching Time: 4- 30 Minute Sessions | MP4 Video Format