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This Grace

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The grace of God expressed through Jesus Christ is the most revolutionary concept that exists. It destroys the foundation of dead religion by boldly and starkly announcing that it’s not the do-gooders that will know God, but who rather finally come to realize that they will never be able to do good enough to deserve His blessings in their lives.

Ironically, the pure message of grace even violates the tenets of 21st Century Christian religion in many ways. It completely contradicts popular religious teachings which suggest that we must do “our part” in order for God to bless us or to make spiritual progress. Grace insists that it is the love of our God that is the starting place and finishing place for any spiritual benefit that we will ever know.

In This Grace, Steve McVey presents a verse-by-verse study of the fifth chapter of Romans. Dissecting and analyzing each verse practically phrase-by-phrase and word-by-word, he causes the listener to see the undiluted love of a God who refused to let sin have the last word in our lives.

These 14 sessions deal with important doctrinal issues like atonement, reconciliation, salvation, forgiveness, faith and other historic and monumental doctrines of the church but the teaching is done with such simplicity that the power of these great truths are easily understood by anybody.

If you want to grow deeper in your understanding of God’s grace toward you; if you want to have your existing religious beliefs challenged in a way that will allow you to grow spiritually like you’ve not grown before; if you want to be inspired and yet motivated to think for yourself about what the Bible says, This Grace will not be a disappointment to you.

Many who have heard this series of teachings have said that it totally changed the way they understand God, themselves and other people. If you approach this Bible study with an open heart and mind, you may find yourself having the same experience.

Teaching Time: 14 - 30 Minute Sessions | MP3 AUDIO FORMAT