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Zephaniah | Grace Walk Bible Study Series

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A Righteous Remnant In An Evil World

In the day of the prophet, Zephaniah, the world was spiraling downward. Political corruption and oppression was the norm in government. The nation of Israel stood on the brink of being overrun by terrorist who wanted nothing more than their destruction. The religious world had compromised so much that there was hardly a difference to be seen between the religious and nonreligious.

The conditions of that day bear an uncanny resemblance to the 21st century western world. In a time when the world seems to be on the brink of disaster and the religious world is making no noticeable difference, what is God’s answer? It is to raise up a righteous remnant.

In this series of teachings, you will learn how you can find peace and even progress in a world antagonistic to the things of God.

Session topics include:

Session 1: The Beauty of Weakness
In the midst of life’s turmoil, our God still rules the details of our lives. In this teaching you will learn how to gain God’s strength by embracing personal weakness.

Session 2: The Blessing of Divine Refuge
Our God is a refuge during times of unbearable trials in life. Discover in this session how to endure when you believe you can’t stand anymore.

Session 3: The Benefits of Walking In Grace
Learn the greatest secret to peace in the face of judgment from this study of Zephaniah 3:15-16. The benefits of grace taught here will encourage you regardless of how hard your circumstances may be.

Session 4: The Boldness of Acceptance
When we know how much our God adores us, it gives us boldness to live in carefree abandon in life. Through this study, you will develop boldness in your life by learning how your Father sings over you in absolute joy.

The world around us may seem uncertain, but one thing is sure. You are a part of God’s righteous remnant. In this series of teachings, you’ll learn how to live in victory out of that God-given identity.

Teaching Time: 2 Hours | MP3 Audio Format

Part of the Grace Walk Bible Study Series - also available as part of a complete Old Testament set.